We are the only virtual assistant company that has assistants work for our small business and we vet them for their knowledge, work ethic and reliability before they ever work for you.

Each one of our virtual assistants is equipped with a laptop, noise cancelling head set, Google For Business Suite, Microsoft Office, Long Distance Voice Over Internet Phone Service, Anti-Virus protection, and Website Chat Capabilities. 

Customer Service Support

  • 24-Hour / 7-day a week emergency coverage available
  • Live chat support
  • Email handling
  • Social media support
  • Inbound and outbound phone support

General Virtual Assistant

We work on behind the scene processes that are integral to the functioning of your business, while lowering your costs, increasing efficiency & giving you a competitive advantage!

  • Give your office and business a more professional image
  • Answer phone calls
  • Answer emails
  • Answer website chat
  • Gather any information from the internet.
  • Compile information in Word, Excel, Google Docs & Sheets, or into CRM’s
  • Data input & analytics

Accounting Support

  • Enter mileage driven on vehicles into computer
  • Complete w-9s and w-2s
  • Complete income verifications
  • Track agency income and expenses
  • Enter data into Quickbooks
  • Enter time sheet information info database
  • Review payroll
  • Calculate and create invoices

Marketing Support

  • Sending out marketing reports
  • Bumping social media advertisements
  • Gathering competitor information from the internet.
  • Compiling information in Word, Excel, Google Docs & Sheets, or into CRM’s
  • Responding to customer inquiries
  • Responding to facebook messages
  • Placing social media ads and building company brand

Project Management

  • Track each phase of a project with different team members
  • Conduct research to speed up tasks

Executive Assistant

    • Meeting Support: Prepare agendas, documents, and presentations for meetings. Take meeting notes and distribute minutes afterward. 
    • Communication: Screen and manage incoming calls, messages, and correspondence. Draft professional emails and responses on your behalf. 
    • Research: Conduct market research, industry analysis, and competitor research. Gather information for decision-making and presentations.
    • Document Management: Organize and maintain digital and physical documents. Ensure easy retrieval of important files and information. 
    • Project Coordination: Assist in planning and managing projects. Monitor project timelines and coordinate tasks with team members. 
    • Task Prioritization: Help you prioritize tasks based on importance and deadlines. Ensure that key tasks are completed on time. 
    • Administrative Support: Handle administrative tasks like expense tracking, invoicing, and record-keeping. Assist with paperwork and documentation. 
    • Gatekeeping: Screen and filter communication and meeting requests. Manage your schedule to protect your focused work time. 
    • Event Planning: Organize events, workshops, and conferences. Manage logistics, invitations, and follow-ups.
    • Follow-Up: Remind you of upcoming tasks, deadlines, and important dates. Ensure that no important details fall through the cracks.
    • Relationship Management: Maintain relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders. Initiate and coordinate communication with important contacts.
    • Decision Support: Provide research and information to assist in decision-making. Summarize and present options for your consideration.
    • Identifying Networking & Opportunities
    • Household Management
  • Human Resource Virtual Assistant


    Recruiting and Talent Acquisition

        • Conducting Jon Studies 
        • Creating Job Descriptions 
        • Posting Job Ads 
        • Maintaining Organizational Chart 

    Screening and Selection 

        • Reviewing Applications 
        • Conducting Interviews 
        • Performing Assessment Tests 
        • Performing Background check 

    Onboarding and Orientation

        • Explains Compensation and Benefit
        • Signing Paperwork
        • Edits and Explaining Handbook
        • Maintains Sick / Vacation Leave
        • Updates HRIS information

    Team Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement 

        • Planning Team Building Activities
        • Conduct Performance Evaluations 
        • Create Employee Retention Efforts
        • Develop Improvements Plans

    Laws and Regulations

        • Explain Safety Standards
        • Maintain Non-Discrimination Policies 
        • Provide Accessibility Advice 
        • Adhere to Confidentiality Policies 


    Cold Calling Virtual Assistant

        • Identifying and qualifying leads
        • Creating and modifying your call script 
        • Reviewing and improving their calling techniques
        • Conducts Telemarketing Services 
        • Calling prospect clients to get a steady stream appointments 



    Email and a client relations representative will schedule a 1-on-1 meeting to see how Prosper can help you grow.